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Meeting in Presence

Step out of your mind, into your Heart

Hello, my Name is Radha, and I welcome you with an open heart into the world of Tantra!

My Tantra workshops are an Invitation to Slow Down, to step out of the autopilot, and embrace the present moment. It’s a journey from the mind to your heart, a Path towards True Intimacy.

Radha (r.) with assistant Ananda (l.)

Tantra – Meeting in Presence

The path to true intimacy leads first through the experience of intimacy and connection with yourself. Through the power of awareness, you will understand what is happening within you.

My approach is gentle yet transformative. In a nurturing and protective space, I like to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to grow while avoiding overwhelming leaps.

It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not.
Your heart opens and you get in touch with your own inherent love. A journey of self-discovery and connection.

My workshops guide you into presence, which naturally leads to the enlivening of your sexual energy. Intercourse is not offered in the workshops.


New Dimensions of Intimacy, Connection and Ecstasy

Tantra teaches you to develop understanding, feeling, communication and ‘presence’ in intimate moments.

It’s about falling back into yourself – into your body, awareness, breathing, sensations – and this opens your heart to something more subtle that happens between bodies.

Tantra is a way to learn the spiritual language of love and to immerse yourself in completely new dimensions of intimacy, connection and ecstasy.

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Tantra Workshops and Events

18 August

Tantra Taster Day

Meeting in Presence

in Germany near Cologne

Immerse yourself in the world of tantra with an empathetic experience day. In this one-day workshop, you can expect gentle and playful exercises that will enable you to explore your boundaries and overcome your fears of an authentic connection with others and your innermost self.

6 - 8 September

Tantra Weekend

Conscious Touch

in Denia, near Valencia, Spain

Set in a tropical paradise, this Tantra weekend is embedded in a 16-day summer retreat with Satsang teacher John David. The focus of this retreat is self-enquiry. During this Tantra weekend my invitation is to explore intimacy with yourself and others and to open your heart.

22 - 24 November

Tantra Weekend

Conscious Touch

in Germany near Cologne

This weekend promises new experiences through a combination of encounters, touch, meditation and massage. For everyone who wants to take a deeper dive into the exploration of intimacy, leave their mind behind and open their heart, this weekend is perfect.


Open Heart Experiences


I am very grateful for the almost indescribable experiences I had during the tantra weekend in Denia. I was very touched by how I came closer and closer to myself through the various sequences of movement, dance and, above all, the mindful encounters with others. This experience brought me into the energy of my heart and left a lasting impression on me, so that I can now meet people with a deeper understanding of my own being. Thank you for your loving, space-holding presence, in which it was easy for me to surrender to the field of these possibilities’


It was an invitation to be completely in the moment, with all my shame, fears and ideas. With the different exercises, Radha created the space to take new steps towards myself and my counterpart. When I am fully in the moment, boundaries dissolve

Her gentle and clear presence helped me to show more softness and playfulness, to take unfamiliar steps and yet to have the feeling of being held.


Tantra was completely new to me before I experienced the tantra weekend last summer. Since then more lightness came into my life. I felt very secure. I have a lot of insecurities, especially when it comes to contact. This weekend, they were no longer present. They came up sometimes but could dissolve quickly.

There was not such a strong identification with the personal I. It felt like entering a big field of love. Lots of energy. Lots of relaxation. The days after I had  kundalini sensations travelling up through my spine and energizing me pleasently.

About Radha

Tantra Facilitator & Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Mantra Singer

Radha is an experienced Hatha Yoga teacher and has many years of experience in meditation and consciousness work.

Over the last ten years, she has expanded her expertise by offering tantra massages, immersing herself deeper and deeper into the realm of tantra.

Today, Radha is passionate about leading day and weekend workshops and guiding others on their transformative journey with compassion and sensitivity.

In her workshops she lovingly guides you from your mind into the beauty of your heart.

My Teacher

Radha with her Spiritual Teacher John David

Over the last 10 years I have been intensely involving myself in the pursuit for truth and received guidance and support from spiritual teacher John David.

He gave me this beautiful Indian name:
Radha is the Goddess of Love, Tenderness, Compassion, and Devotion.